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  1. Hello!

    Very nice blog, I would like to tell you how courageous you are ! I live in France, I am pregnant and my baby was diagnosed with Ventriculomegaly at 22 weeks ( 11 mm ) . So I am searching informations about it . Here in France, if VM is greater than 15 mm it’s considered severe VM and a “pregnancy interruption” is strongly recommended… Hope my case still a mild one…

    • Hi Frenchgirl,

      Many blessings to you and your baby! There is a 97% chance of normal neural development with vent measurements of 11mm. http://www.obfocus.com/questions/qanda10.htm

      It frankly shocks me that they recommend termination at such a late date with such mild dilation of just 15mm. I’m completely pro-choice, but the numbers don’t substantiate profound disabilities at this level. I suppose if they counsel the parents and let them know they are dealing with a 23% chance of disability, then it would be okay. But, to encourage late term abortion without giving facts is not sound medical advice, IMO.

      • Thanks for your answer and if you can include my baby boy in your prayers, I will be grateful !

  2. Hi, turtlemom hope u r doing good…i have reading ur story since i have to this website ur story n journey is really helpful to me n to all of us who is reading. I want to share a lil story with u today this is my first post here.i have reading people’s posts but i think after u or may b the same way u are with ur baby i m in the same boat the first time i got to knw in my 22 weeks ultrasound that my baby’s vents measure 22 mm n then after that there were 2 more ultrasounds done in one it measures 33mm n the recent one i did yesterday came upto 46 mm at 32 weeks this is one thing which is very severe as dr says n the other stuff they said os the long bones of hands n legs r growing 8 to 10 weeks behind the gestational age… There is so much stress i cant tell u every single day for me n my husband n family is very difficult.just wanted to share this post…dnt knw wats comimg up next but wat i knw so far is this looks very serious n severe diagnosis…i really dnt knw wat to do at this point accept to leave it onto god…thx.

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