Merry, merry!


Parker had a scheduled MRI on 12/18 as a follow up for her revision in May and the 2 episodes she has had since. It was a challenge getting her to cooperate. She is already anxious about doctors offices and hospitals. Her litmus test is to ask if she has to lay down. If she does, to her it means a significant procedure.

Since the MRI required sedation, she couldn’t eat 8 hours before the 12 pm check-in time. She could have 4oz of clear liquids before 10am. Surprisingly, she really didn’t complain about not eating.

Once we got to the hospital and got checked in, Parker became extremely unhappy and aware of what was going on. We had talked about her getting a MRI for several days leading up and her biggest question was whether she had to lay down. She made herself vomit several times in the waiting room before we were called back. Once the Nurse came to get us, we made one more stop at the bathroom on the way back for her to vomit again. It’s getting so much harder as she is older and aware.

The actual MRI went off without any other problems. And, even better the results came back very positive. Parker’s ventricles are larger than they were before her revision, which is what we wanted. So, for now it doesn’t look like there are any scheduled surgeries in our path.








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  1. No surgeries , thats good! Not so great that she’s super anxious.:/ I wouldn’t know how to handle that, kudos to you guys.<3

    Also , an old family friend NEVER said Merry Christmas. Always merry merry! You made me smile SO big by that blog title.

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