My friend Molly wrote about this video in her blog recently. She has 5 beautiful daughters and gets frequent comments about the size of her family. I believe what we all want from this world is a comfortable space, like Tim’s Place, where the possibilities are endless. May your mind be open and your heart be filled with love.


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  1. Hi
    Is there anyway I can contact you by email tried to add comment on you’re site but can’t seem to find it. Desperately need to ask some questions, youre my last hope, my grandson was born was severe hydrocephalus and wasn’t given a day to live…this condition was Not picked up in my daughters scans throughout pregnancy, and they let her ho over her term date by 10days which ended up in emergency section almost killing my daughter too only then did they detect something was wrong with him, Lorcan is now one year old (21/03/13) he is currently in hospital, Again…doctors have said they will not do any further surgery as he doesn’t have any brain tissue and his quality of life after a year hasn’t developed at all even after performing a shunt which had to be taken out after 3mths because of infection… We are now being told that because of the build up of fluid again building up on the brain they will not do further surgeries so we are being told he has a matter of weeks to live and it is like a time bomb watching this wee baby in hospital every day just waiting to pass away…so unfair to watch this..I would love to hear from you even for a bit of support if nothing else.
    Thanks lorraine Northern Ireland

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