Monthly Archives: July 2013

My American Girl


We had a family vacation planned to Breckenridge this week. Last Friday, Parker became ill with a bug she picked up at daycare. It became obvious the illness she had was contagious and she wouldn’t be able to travel :-(. Sadly, we cancelled our tickets and got antibiotics.
By Monday she was feeling better and was no longer contagious. Since the rest of our family was in Colorado, I felt it was a good time to take a little road trip to Dallas and visit The American Girl store. So, on Tuesday morning, I surprised Parker and packed up our car.
Parker loved the store and we probably could have spent all day there. We took a long time picking out her doll and have a wish list full of wanted accessories and clothes.
We also met one of our favorite Hydro families, the Hannons and their sister Staci for dinner at Uncle Julio’s. It was wonderful to see them and spend time with our buddies on short notice.
So, what was a sour and sad family trip wound up with a sunny side.