A birthday girl


It’s hard to articulate how much one little girl can change your world. I wonder what would have happened if Parker had not been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus? The diagnosis doesn’t define her, but it has definitely made our path a different one. I’m fiercely passionate about Parker and all of her Hydro buddies. We have met a lot of awesome people along this journey. While I would take her pain away in a heartbeat, I have to think Hydro was brought into our lives for a reason.

Yesterday was Parker’s 5th Birthday. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how much love I have for that little girl. You are my sunshine, Parker Elizabeth, when skies are grey.



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  1. Hello There, Please give us some advise we have same situation. My wife’s scan shows our baby boy have extra fluid in his brain on right side its 17 mm and left is 23 mm. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. This is my facebook profile, plz contact

  2. This is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes, seeing all the love you have for Parker. I can’t wait to meet my little Leo, I’m not afraid anymore of the hydro… I will love him with a fierce, endless love. You have given me great encouragement!

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