September is Hydrocephalus Awareness Month! 


September is #Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. Join me and @HydroAssoc as we #MakeWaves and spread the word about the condition affecting the lives of over 1 million Americans. #HAM2016


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  1. Hi turtlemom I would like to ask some questions regarding my daughter I can’t seem to login to the ventriculomegaly website. I used the name lovingmummy1 but it’s so hard to navigate on that website, please if you could contact me on I wanted to ask a question regarding my four year olds development now Four years after her initial vm diagnosis. Hope you are Parker are well xxx

  2. I found your story while researching severe bilateral ventriculomegaly. My husband and I are expecting our first son, currently 21 weeks. While the ventriculomegaly was originally diagnosed as mild, then moderate, and now severe (18mm), the doctor says she thinks it might increased. So we’re face with an uncertain future (possible agenesis corpus collosum), but reading your story has given me hope, and made me remember that it’s not all set in stone. So glad to read about your thriving Parker. What an amazing little girl, and you seem like an amazing mom!

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